Today I came across OverflowToday.com, a site whose tag line is How the gospel can OVERFLOW from you to others.

A recent post there included a three minute video about an opportunity to witness which will come the way of most of us every week – on a Monday!

Kevin Harney (author of Organic Outreach for Ordinary People) spells it out for us.  Anyone can do it. We don’t need to have Bible College training, or be confident with apologetics. Probably all of us have this golden opportunity most weeks.

So, be prepared for it, by giving three minutes of your time to view this intriguing video.

On the OverflowToday site there is also a link for a discussion guide , or an audio download of this brief item.

Breaking through the cellophane wrapper can be hard work!

It was a treat to choose DVDs to watch over the holiday.  Amazon had come up trumps and got the parcel to us in time.

But once my flat-mate and I were ready to view one, we had the frustration of trying to get into the DVD  case. We faced the the perennial problem of how to penetrate the cellophane!

I used finger nails, teeth and finally a sharp kitchen knife to burst through and peel off the offending wrapper. The frustrating thing was that I could clearly see what was inside, yet could not get through the outside layer to enjoy the movie (It’s a Wonderful Life is wonderful, by the way!).

The whole process made me think:
How do I package Christianity? Do I add a frustrating barrier which prevents people discovering the real Jesus Christ?
We can put off those who might otherwise be interested in finding out more by:

  • Using Christian jargon to people who don’t understand it – instead of using language that is meaningful and culturally relevant.
  • Being critical and ungracious about the beliefs and practices of others – instead of simply sticking to the positives of Christianity
  • Gossiping, complaining or demonstrating any other un-Christlike behaviour – instead of reflecting the character of Christ
  • Thinking, “I know what I believe, that’s good enough for me”  – instead of being prepared to answer questions about our faith
  • Giving the impression that salvation is for only a selected few – instead of welcoming opportunities to interact with people of every background.

I persisted in getting that wrapper off the DVD because I knew what was inside and I really wanted to enjoy the movie. But if I create barriers, how long will someone outside the church persevere in seeking answers to their questions, comfort in their sorrow or security in their sense of lostness ?  The way of salvation should not be shrouded with a clinging barrier, but open and accessible for all.

Are there any other things that you would add to my listof barriers? Feel free to add a comment!

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