Dave Jackson is someone I rate highly. His site, The School of Podcasting, is a treasure trove of information, experience and resources for anyone who wants to get into that medium.

I love listening to Dave’s podcasts; he has a lot of pithy sayings and one that has stuck with me is the need to avoid “paralysis by analysis”. Perhaps he didn’t coin that expression, but he introduced me to it.

This blog has been in my mind for many months. But I couldn’t get the time to set it up the way I wanted. Not being a designer I have to do it a bit organically. Try a design, like it or not like it, build on it or trash it, until I arrive at something that approaches what I feel happy with.

But this design is not the final version! So I put off starting the blog, and put it off for longer…until I saw that I was falling into the trap of paralysis by analysis. I analysed the flaws and weaknesses of my little corner of cyber-space while viewing and reading about excellent blog design and that made me seize up.

In the end I decides that I would just begin. So I’m not going to let my amateurish design hold me back.

I think Dave would be proud of me!

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SLICES OF MY LIFE are little slivers of my experiences. I have many interests and this blog is my way of keeping track of what I see and learn. Some of it brings a smile to my face, uplifts and encourages me, or makes me think deeply. I hope you enjoy what you read here as much as I enjoy writing it!