Nothing is ordinary. Life is an endless series of little miracles. The difference between living and existing is noticing. – Louie Giglio

Robin from iStockphoto

The buds are appearing on the rose bushes. The robin is singing vibrantly on the cherry tree. The car, which is ten years old, is running smoothly. I safely negotiated the uneven surface of the old path and dipping garden beds, without turning my ankle. My internet connection, which was broken, reconnected just in time for an important email to be sent.

Yes, little miracles perhaps, but miracles nonetheless. Today, like most other days, my friend and I started the day by committing it to God and trusting him to help in every detail. The more we do this, the more we are identifying hid intervention and protection. The more we see of his miracle of creation and his care for us.

What little miracles have you experienced today?

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