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Do you believe that God does miracles in our day? I do!

Is there evidence for the miraculous in our generation? There sure is! I can vouch for that after miraculous healing of my osteo-arthritis, not to say other miracles I have seen at first hand.

Today I saw a tweet mentioning a website on which is an audio recording – one which documents the actual moment of a miracle of divine healing, when a man’s voice was restored to him.

Duane Miller (pictured here with his wife) was  in church, reading from Psalm 103 and commenting on it. For years he had been able only to whisper as a virus had wrecked his vocal cords. Doctors had said that he should have been completely mute, but somehow he managed to gruffly whisper through a microphone.

What happened next is recorded. I can only stand in awe of almighty God, as healing is poured into Wayne’s voice box. —–>> Listen to that moment here.

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