Jesus Christ

Breaking through the cellophane wrapper can be hard work!

It was a treat to choose DVDs to watch over the holiday.  Amazon had come up trumps and got the parcel to us in time.

But once my flat-mate and I were ready to view one, we had the frustration of trying to get into the DVD  case. We faced the the perennial problem of how to penetrate the cellophane!

I used finger nails, teeth and finally a sharp kitchen knife to burst through and peel off the offending wrapper. The frustrating thing was that I could clearly see what was inside, yet could not get through the outside layer to enjoy the movie (It’s a Wonderful Life is wonderful, by the way!).

The whole process made me think:
How do I package Christianity? Do I add a frustrating barrier which prevents people discovering the real Jesus Christ?
We can put off those who might otherwise be interested in finding out more by:

  • Using Christian jargon to people who don’t understand it – instead of using language that is meaningful and culturally relevant.
  • Being critical and ungracious about the beliefs and practices of others – instead of simply sticking to the positives of Christianity
  • Gossiping, complaining or demonstrating any other un-Christlike behaviour – instead of reflecting the character of Christ
  • Thinking, “I know what I believe, that’s good enough for me”  – instead of being prepared to answer questions about our faith
  • Giving the impression that salvation is for only a selected few – instead of welcoming opportunities to interact with people of every background.

I persisted in getting that wrapper off the DVD because I knew what was inside and I really wanted to enjoy the movie. But if I create barriers, how long will someone outside the church persevere in seeking answers to their questions, comfort in their sorrow or security in their sense of lostness ?  The way of salvation should not be shrouded with a clinging barrier, but open and accessible for all.

Are there any other things that you would add to my listof barriers? Feel free to add a comment!

Thanks to Ian Britton of for this beautiful reading.

Was Jesus mad? Was he a con man or scam merchant?
This video explores what the Bible and non-Christian writers say about Jesus, and what he claimed about himself.
Have a look, send for the free book, and come to your own conclusion.

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