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It has been a long time since I have experienced such bad weather, for such a prolonged period of time. My friends in Canada know all about snow, but here in Edinburgh, Scotland it is rare to have such an early blast from Siberia! 

It is fortunate that my work can be done at home, and files moved on the internet, because my flat-mate and I have been penned in to our home. The view outside is stunningly beautiful, but very frustrating for many. We live in a cul-de-sac, a side road off a side road. So there are no snow ploughs or gritters coming our way. The car cannot be moved, and walking on the rutted snow and hidden ice is treacherous. 

There was no storm or blizzard, just a succession of many gentle snow-falls. Each lay on the other, “snow on snow” as the Christmas carol puts it. Without a thaw, it has all built up to choke the roads. 

As I struggled, stumbled and tumbled on my way to buy bread yesterday, I asked myself: In what ways might I have let some things choke my spiritual life? Have I allowed anything to, little-by-little, spoil  the clear communication that should be between God and me? Have I been unaware of the subtle  encroachment of what might appear, at first sight, to be attractive, but which is stifling spiritual intimacy and growth? 

God has now shown me my  “snow”.  His love and forgiveness has melted it.  I’m glad he did; I don’t want any No-go areas with God!

Thrice holy God by Krystian Jaskula

Thrice holy God by Krystian Jaskula (Courtesy www.creativemyk.com)

This beautiful piece of art came to my attention a few days ago. The fiery colours, the blaze of light – both speak of the awesomeness of God. This image draws me in and makes me pause and think of who it is I worship.

Then today I followed a web link and stumbled on a new song , Holy God by Brian Doerksen.

I hope you enjoy the video of Brian singing this song, which echoes so much the theme of Krystian’s image above.  You can read more about the thinking behind Brian’s latest project at the blog Christianity 201 .

“Holy God,” by Brian Doerksen from David C Cook on Vimeo.

Be Thankful stitched

 “If you learn to appreciate more of what you already have, you’ll find yourself  having more to appreciate.” – Michael Angier

 “Thankfulness and Joyfulness are closely related to each other… ” – Ron Edmondson (www.ronedmondson.com)

Today, being Thanksgiving in the USA, has made many bloggers consider what they are thankful for.

I’m going to try to be thankful and appreciative every day. Thankful to others, and thankful most of all to God. For in every day, in many ways, the evidence of his love and care are seen – if we look.

One day I was  interrupted before my flat-mate and I left  home on a car journey. It was frustrating, as time was of the essence. But a little while later we came upon and accident that had happened not long before. Had we left on time, that could have been our car crushed by the lorry.

Another time I lost my bank card. I knew it was in the flat, but could I find it? You’ve guessed! It took me hours of sifting through papers, waste bins, laundry and all the rest. I was into cupboards and corners that hadn’t seen the light of day for months (you try anything, however improbable, don’t you?)! Eventually I found the card, but in the search I also came across some very important papers that needed attention and which I had totally forgotten about!

Sometimes it is in the awkward frustrations and downright problems of life that, if we look, we can see the care of God for us. And if it is not immediately obvious where the good is in it all, we can still trust. Because one thing I know, our loving heavenly Father will always be there. He cares about not only the major life-changing things, but about the minutiae of our practical lives. We have a God who cares – and isn’t that something to be thankful about?

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