Today’s post is a real musical treat. I first heard this song at The Faith Mission’s convention in Edinburgh. The singing nearly lifted the roof of the tent, and my heart nearly burst with joyful praise.

I hope you enjoy this life studio recording of Come people of the risen King, sung by the composer, Stuart Townend. Listen out for the great Celtic-sounding intro and bridge, which get my Scottish heart pumping!

This modern interpretation of the old carol brings it alive for a new generation. Andy Gridley’s new-tech, layered performance intrigues me.
But through it all you can hear the cry of a sad, captive people that long for release – “O come, O come, Emmanuel! Let your Kingdom Come!”

And then, in faith, the affirmation rises: “Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.”

What a message for the world today! It is only through Emmanuel, Christ who is with us, that we can truly know freedom.

Guitars, saxaphones, drum kits, bongos, tambourines, clacky thingies and even a wee cartoon man crooning Feliz navidad – all done with i-Pads. This will give you a smile!

In the middle of all the Christmas rush, take a moment to have a laugh with these very clever and musical guys!

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