I have just spent a very pleasant hour or two viewing the bonus material that came with the DVD of Pixar’s wonderful tale  Finding Nemo.

The studio tour on the bonus DVD took in animators, sculptors, colour and lighting experts and heaps more. Here is what I learned:

Working as a group is not easy, but necessary.  There was no room for prima donnas. Everyone had to be willing to let go of their pet projects, personal views and definitely their egos, so that TOGETHER the job could be accomplished.

Preparation is vital. They spent years in research,  storyboarding and colour scripting, developing characters and trialing their ideas. And all this before going into full scale production animation.

Commitment is essential if the job is to get done. Finding Nemo took three years to make. The guys said that many times they felt they could not go on – but they did!

Truth and sincerity are essential components of communication. One animator spoke of how he had to open the lid on some very painful memories of loss, in order to animate a sad part in the movie, when Dory speaks of feeling lonely. He used his computer camera to act the dialogue and used hos own facial expressions to help animate the fish. He said that he knew it had to come sincerely from his heart if the audience were to believe it.

Personal experience is the key to effective communication. The whole team were taught scuba diving, so that they could experience what the underwater world was like; seeing it and feeling  added to the reality they would bring to the screen.

Encouragement was high on the agenda. There were times when the product  days of work had to be readjusted, because it wasn’t quite what the director was looking for. But this “nuancing” was accompanied by encouragement and positive comments.

Oh yes, one other massive thing that I saw…despite the hard work, they all had fun!!! They had time to goof off, enjoy each other’s company and relish the completion of the task.

I can’t be effective in communicating what I believe, unless I take on board these lessons. Are there any in my list that have caught your eye?

Photo credit: Ryan Guill via photopin cc

Has God asked you to do something that you have never done before? Is the thought of it a bit scary and is that fear and strangeness of the task holding you back?
Take a look at this video, of a 4th grade (9 or 10 years old) girl who makes her first ski jump. Scary? Yes! Exhilarating? Definitely!

That is what the will of God seems like sometimes. But without letting go and allowing God to bear you along, you will accomplish little for him.
Let go! You can do it, with Christ as your helper! Let the momentum build and then leap forward into God’s perfect will for you. That sure is exhilarating!


This video tells the story of the iconic poster. Thank you Denny Burk for bringing it to my attention.  It reminds me of something that I have been learning recently.

How wonderful to know that we can experience the deep calm that comes through trusting implicitly in God, whatever our circumstances.

Today’s post is a real musical treat. I first heard this song at The Faith Mission’s convention in Edinburgh. The singing nearly lifted the roof of the tent, and my heart nearly burst with joyful praise.

I hope you enjoy this life studio recording of Come people of the risen King, sung by the composer, Stuart Townend. Listen out for the great Celtic-sounding intro and bridge, which get my Scottish heart pumping!

Today I came across, a site whose tag line is How the gospel can OVERFLOW from you to others.

A recent post there included a three minute video about an opportunity to witness which will come the way of most of us every week – on a Monday!

Kevin Harney (author of Organic Outreach for Ordinary People) spells it out for us.  Anyone can do it. We don’t need to have Bible College training, or be confident with apologetics. Probably all of us have this golden opportunity most weeks.

So, be prepared for it, by giving three minutes of your time to view this intriguing video.

On the OverflowToday site there is also a link for a discussion guide , or an audio download of this brief item.

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