Thrice holy God by Krystian Jaskula

Thrice holy God by Krystian Jaskula (Courtesy

This beautiful piece of art came to my attention a few days ago. The fiery colours, the blaze of light – both speak of the awesomeness of God. This image draws me in and makes me pause and think of who it is I worship.

Then today I followed a web link and stumbled on a new song , Holy God by Brian Doerksen.

I hope you enjoy the video of Brian singing this song, which echoes so much the theme of Krystian’s image above.  You can read more about the thinking behind Brian’s latest project at the blog Christianity 201 .

“Holy God,” by Brian Doerksen from David C Cook on Vimeo.

I have been experimenting with the look of Slices of my Life. Tweaking colours and fiddling with the sidebar contents. It has been a fun project because I am using a program called Artisteer to build the templates (called themes in WordPress) for all the blogs I am involved in and I love it!

Not having any design skills, my only expertise is “I know what I like when I see it”!  So being able to quickly and easily change elements of the design and see the new version working online in a few minutes, suits me just fine. There are still some parts of the layout that are not exactly the way I would like them, but in time they will be adjusted.

It’s a bit like life, really. It is very rare to find every element of a day or week exactly as you would wish. Years ago that would have been a massive frustration for me, and the difficulties would mar the joy I might have had in the more upbeat moments. But now I realize that it is possible to live productively, and derive a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, even when things are less than ideal.

Like using Artisteer, I can work on one area at a time, one difficult relationship, or distasteful job or sad memory, or concern about the future. No need to be overwhelmed by it all at once. When I focus on one area, and see progress, it heartens me and encourages me to tackle another area of life.

There is, though, one thing Artisteer has that life does not replicate – an UnDo button! That is why I am so thankful for the forgiveness of God. He is patiently shaping me, challenging me and making changes one area at a time. And I am grateful he isn’t hitting me with everything at once! What a gracious life-builder he is!

Can you believe it? This is amazing – Deke McLelland really knows his stuff!
I am learning little by little how to use Photoshop and this video is a fun challenge to use the tools.

I had not long finished posting Are we listening to the Signals? when I visited one of my favourite design sites, There I saw a beautiful piece of art work made by Sandy Lee. The image, and the sentiments expressed by Sandy echoed my own today, that I just had to quote her.

“Downcast Hearts”, Acrylic, Tempera, & Paper on Canvas, painted on 11/23/10. I have been inspired by the thought of comforting people lately.

People have different ways of expressing sadness… some shut down, some get mean, and some are depressed or upset. As Christians, we are to love our neighbor, and I think many people are caught up in the moment and don’t realize what is really happening when a person is expressing hurt in their heart. Many times, we take meanness or upsetness personally and say something nasty back, or simply ignore the people who are depressed or shut down.

This painting is meant as a message to Christians: downcast hearts are meant to be loved and nurtured and cherished, not rejected or ignored. Let us love our neighbor! ?

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