Hi and welcome to Slices of My Life! Thanks for taking an interest in what I am doing here.

Why the title?

Slices of my Life seemed apt, as the blog posts here will be just that! Little slivers of the things I see and experience will be recorded here. That is the beauty of blogging. A wee bit now and again soon builds up into a lovely stack of slices.

Life isn’t all sweet – so green slices may mingle with sweet red ones. Nevertheless, I have experienced how wonderfully both the acid, hard times and the sweet, tender times can be the means of blessing and personal growth for me.

Born in Liverpool, I travelled a lot as a child. My dad was in the Royal Air Force, so we were posted every three years or so.

I was trained as a primary school teacher at St. Martin’s College of Education, Lancaster . The motto of my college is Scio cui credidi (I know Him in whom I have believed). This is very apt, as it was while a student there that I came into a personal relationship with God through trusting the Lord Jesus Christ.

After qualifying, I taught for a year in the beautiful town of Stamford, Lincolnshire. Then I went to Edinburgh to train at the Faith Mission Bible College.

I have worked with The Faith Mission since 1972. This is a non-denominational evangelistic organization. First I was involved in youth ministry, then children’s work and finally as editor of the Mission’s magazine, First!

What is my goal with this blog?

My interests are many and varied and I’ll be blogging about them here. At my age, I am forgetting more than I remember! But I still like learning new stuff.

This blog is my way of keeping track of what I see, experience and learn. Some of it is dead simple stuff that millions already know – but it is new for me!

I have many interests, so I anticipate writing about a wide variety of things.  It will be interesting to see how it all falls out and if I become drawn to some topics more than others. In the mean time, I now have a space to write about topics that don’t fit into any of the other blogs I’m involved in.

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SLICES OF MY LIFE are little slivers of my experiences. I have many interests and this blog is my way of keeping track of what I see and learn. Some of it brings a smile to my face, uplifts and encourages me, or makes me think deeply. I hope you enjoy what you read here as much as I enjoy writing it!