Who will speak out for the unborn child?
Phil Toft Posted this poem on his FaceBook timeline. It deserves to be widely read.

Here is what Phil says about it.

It was given me earlier this week by a 60 year old lady who was a converted hippy. As she spoke to me she had tears in her eyes for the spiritual needs of families all around her. She and her husband open their home to local children to hear the gospel.


Baby in the womb. Taken by Flikr user Prescott Pym. Used under Creative Commons license.

With his and the lady’s permission, here is the poem.

by Mrs Diane Jones

I am the voice of one crying from the womb;
I don’t have much longer to live,
I am the voice of millions of unborn
Crying, ‘Please, more time to us give.’

I am the voice of the defenseless child
Dreading the instruments of death.
Will I be poisoned, burnt or cut up
Before I have taken one breath?

I am the voice of a son or a daughter
Speaking for millions gone by;
‘Please please stop the wicked, unspeakable slaughter
And stop and hear our cry!’

If you give us a chance we could prove to be
A blessing; A person with so much to give,
But if you still turn a deaf ear to me:-
An even greater answer to God you will give.

The decision for millions is in your hands now
And though my request seems profound;-
If we ask for God’s mercy with contrite hearts,
He can turn things completely around.

If we teach our children of the love of God,
So children will only be born
When wanted and valued to be nurtured in love,
We may yet hail in a bright new dawn.

I am the voice of those on death row
And I fear it won’t be long now
That we will be silenced before we could speak

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