Safety loose wheel nut indicators

Loose wheel nut indicators. Image from Wikipedia

Out in the car the other day I noticed a massive truck with luminous yellow tags on its wheel nuts.

They are fitted to show immediately if any of the nuts have worked loose.  The points would alter their direction and be very obviously out of line.

I had seen them before, but this time I thought: “How do I know when I am not as “tight” a Christian as I should be? Are there any indicators that flag up to me that I have  eased up in certain areas of life when I should be tight and disciplined? I thought of a few.

  • Grumbling and complaining – Discontentment is a first indicator of a spiritual lack.
  • Not singing – I may not sing out loud much, but usually Christian hymns and songs are going on in my head, with full orchestral accompaniment sometimes! When the music stops, it means I am not living in the spiritual dimension I want to naturally be in. I need to reassess my spiritual life.
  • Worry – There are concerns in life, but trust and reliance on God should deal the with fear and anxiety that erode our peace. When I become unsettled and anxious, I need to get back into tight alignment with God.

If I notice any of these creeping in during a day, then I know that I have something “loose” that needs to be attended to.

What indicators would you add to the list? Are there things that warn you when you are spiritually drifting or becoming slack? Feel free to add them to the comments below.



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