Today I came across, a site whose tag line is How the gospel can OVERFLOW from you to others.

A recent post there included a three minute video about an opportunity to witness which will come the way of most of us every week – on a Monday!

Kevin Harney (author of Organic Outreach for Ordinary People) spells it out for us.  Anyone can do it. We don’t need to have Bible College training, or be confident with apologetics. Probably all of us have this golden opportunity most weeks.

So, be prepared for it, by giving three minutes of your time to view this intriguing video.

On the OverflowToday site there is also a link for a discussion guide , or an audio download of this brief item.

3 Responses to Opportunity to witness – every Monday!

  • So often these sorts of evangelism idea’s can be forced or just plain corny. Kevin in the video seems to be genuine and real about trying to encourage people to see the opportunites that are everywhere to share our faith. Thanks for sharing the video… I’m definitely going to check out the book.

  • Lin:

    Rich I agree with you. Corny, forced “witness” is not helpful. In this example I think it would work, so long as the conversation is not pushy or strained. A good witness needs to have the restraint of the Holy Spirit as well as responding to his prompting.

    I guess, too, that it is only one example. There are many other ways we can engage people in spiritual conversation. But this would be an ideal beginning for someone who has never spoken openly before.

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