I have been experimenting with the look of Slices of my Life. Tweaking colours and fiddling with the sidebar contents. It has been a fun project because I am using a program called Artisteer to build the templates (called themes in WordPress) for all the blogs I am involved in and I love it!

Not having any design skills, my only expertise is “I know what I like when I see it”!  So being able to quickly and easily change elements of the design and see the new version working online in a few minutes, suits me just fine. There are still some parts of the layout that are not exactly the way I would like them, but in time they will be adjusted.

It’s a bit like life, really. It is very rare to find every element of a day or week exactly as you would wish. Years ago that would have been a massive frustration for me, and the difficulties would mar the joy I might have had in the more upbeat moments. But now I realize that it is possible to live productively, and derive a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, even when things are less than ideal.

Like using Artisteer, I can work on one area at a time, one difficult relationship, or distasteful job or sad memory, or concern about the future. No need to be overwhelmed by it all at once. When I focus on one area, and see progress, it heartens me and encourages me to tackle another area of life.

There is, though, one thing Artisteer has that life does not replicate – an UnDo button! That is why I am so thankful for the forgiveness of God. He is patiently shaping me, challenging me and making changes one area at a time. And I am grateful he isn’t hitting me with everything at once! What a gracious life-builder he is!

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SLICES OF MY LIFE are little slivers of my experiences. I have many interests and this blog is my way of keeping track of what I see and learn. Some of it brings a smile to my face, uplifts and encourages me, or makes me think deeply. I hope you enjoy what you read here as much as I enjoy writing it!