What are your first thoughts? I once saw someone just like him be very kind to an elderly lady.

We have a saying in Scotland, when things get back to normal after a holiday, or special event – “Back to auld claes an’ porrige”!
Which translates as “Back to old clothes and a simple oaty breakfast! 😉

I am afraid that problems with the new theme have forced me to revert to the old one. It’s a temporary setback, as I was using a beta version of Artisteer 3.0.
Beta software is not the finished product. It is still being tested and bugs ironed out, but we get to play with it in the meantime.

The bug that is causing the problem will be dealt with in the next release, so I am hopeful that my tweaks can be reinstated.

But this matter has made me think: How much does the design of a blog influence people’s attitude to it? Is it appearance or contents which is most important?

Contents should be the most important, but we are all influenced by elegant design and good looks – and not just on blogs and web sites. As I grow older I see people’s attitudes towards me changing. I mean people who don’t know me. They assume that a certain appearance means that what I have to offer – my “contents” – is less than that of someone younger, more elegant or better dressed.

It makes me consider how I react to other people. I must be careful not to subconsciously prejudge them, based upon their appearance.

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