I had not long finished posting Are we listening to the Signals? when I visited one of my favourite design sites, CreativeMYK.com. There I saw a beautiful piece of art work made by Sandy Lee. The image, and the sentiments expressed by Sandy echoed my own today, that I just had to quote her.

“Downcast Hearts”, Acrylic, Tempera, & Paper on Canvas, painted on 11/23/10. I have been inspired by the thought of comforting people lately.

People have different ways of expressing sadness… some shut down, some get mean, and some are depressed or upset. As Christians, we are to love our neighbor, and I think many people are caught up in the moment and don’t realize what is really happening when a person is expressing hurt in their heart. Many times, we take meanness or upsetness personally and say something nasty back, or simply ignore the people who are depressed or shut down.

This painting is meant as a message to Christians: downcast hearts are meant to be loved and nurtured and cherished, not rejected or ignored. Let us love our neighbor! ?

2 Responses to Downcast hearts

  • Mags:

    When my son died I found that people tended to turn the other way as they didn’t know what to say….I just wished sometime someone would come up and hug me and say “I don’t know what to say” it doesn’t have to be words,sometimes a touch or just a nod of the head would do…..I have since met a lot of mothers since I lost Barry and sometimes all I feel God wants me to do is hold them in my arms,same as with people with addictions make eye contact and tell them they are loved.:)

  • Lin:

    Mags, thank you for letting us have some small insight into what you went through. May the Lord bless you and make you a wonderful blessing as you transmit his love to those who are hurting.

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